The Mercado San Agustín will be Tucson's first public market. The Gadsden Company is excited that the Mercado will be part of the city¹s Rio Nuevo project, which will include diverse housing, commercial spaces, museums, and parks; all of which provide the essential base for an integrated and authentic city center. We believe that our culturally diverse community is the asset that provides Tucson with a unique advantage. Mercado San Agustín will help fill our city center with the real heart of Tucson, the people who live and work here. Mercado San Agustín plans to foster small business growth within an open-air marketplace in Tucson's expanding city center. Mercado San Agustín will offer an attractive venue for any business, but the inherent affordability of vendor space can be an opportunity for members of our community who may otherwise find business ownership beyond their reach. Our goal is to support the development of future vendors by connecting aspiring business owners with appropriate educational, technical, and financial resources. Mercado San Agustín will ensure that the future development of our city center rests on the foundation of its people, that¹s the Tucson advantage.

Mercado San Agustín held its ground-breaking ceremony on October 19, 2007, and it is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2010.

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